Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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Earnings Tab in Bloggers blog Disappeared

There are so many complains about the bloggers blog when the user notice that there earnings tab disappear, Normally users will be very desperate on what is happening and ask many question about why the earnings tab disappear. This time i'm going straight to you: The main cause of the disappearances of the earnings tab is the unsupported languages.. The earning tab for blogs is an integration of AdSense in blogger and AdSense supports a limited number of languages. If Earnings tab isn't available for you blog then your language is not currently supported by AdSense. Now i will show you the step by step guide in how to change the language setting in blogspot in order to Earnings tab to be visible.

1. Open your blog dashboard and hit:.
2.Then Click >> Settings tab and  pick >>Languages and Formatting.
earnings tab disappear
how to change the language of your blogger blog
3.Then Click your prefered language, Select "English (United States) and then hit saved.
earnings tab disappear